About Grace & Courage

We are a unique reward marketing agency whose sole aim is to get consumers to engage with your brand in a positive way.

Our mission is simple; to work with clients creating added value reward activity that works. We are defined by the effectiveness of our rewards and brand partnerships, as well as the way in which we create and deliver them.
Whether it’s securing a relevant added value reward from a relevant brand partner to help drive a sale or new customer acquisition, manage an on-going reward programme to aid retention and engagement or secure a brand partnership to gain exposure, sales revenue and new customers, we use our 20 years’ experience to provide the most impactful and cost-effective solution we can.

Why are we called Grace & Courage?

The name Grace and Courage is born out of what we do and how we like to go about it. Through thinking creatively and often going into the unknown we’re able to bring together successful reward partnerships. It’s essential we always show good Grace in what we do as our partner relationships are important to us. At the same time we must have Courage to ensure our clients get the desired results. You could say Grace and Courage.

Clients we are or have worked with previously

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